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A high impact tool for consumers

The Fair Finance Guide is a web-based tool that enables bank clients and policy holders to make their bank more socially responsible, fair, and sustainable by benchmarking it on several themes.

At the moment, Fair Finance Guides are active in 9 countries. Scroll down to see in which countries you can check your bank!

Interview with one of the founders

Ted van Hees, one of the founders of the Fair Finance Guide International, was interviewed by Newscoop. Read about how Van Hees experienced setting up the Fair Finance Guide Interational and which issues he came across.

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Race to the Top

The aim of the Fair Finance Guide is to initiate a ‘race to the top’ between banks on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Ideally, a self-reinforcing process will develop in which social, environmental and economic standards are raised continuously, ultimately resulting in sustainable credits, investments and asset management all over the world. The Fair Finance Guide contributes to banks’CSR policies and practices on a wide variety of issues, benefiting a broad audience.

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Job opportunity: Influencer Fair Finance Asia

We are looking for an influencer for the Fair Finance Asia program. The Influencer will be responsible for the implementation of the strategic influencing framework contributing to and supporting the successful delivery of the Fair Finance Asia program across the region. Does this sound like you or do know somebody who could be interested, have a look at the full job description.

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