New Fair Pension Guide adds 3rd pillar to Netherlands Fair Finance Guide

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Fair Pension Label is now the 'Fair Pension Guide' adding an important third pillar to the Netherlands Fair Finance Guide, with the aim of making pension fund investments more responsible and sustainable.

Did you know that Dutch pension funds jointly invest more than 1400 billion euros? These investments are important and influential, so in March 2019 organizations behind the Fair Finance Guide launched the Fair Pension Label. Now participants of ten pension funds can go to the new Fair Pension Guide (EPW) at for information about the policy and practices of their pension fund across 15 themes and sectors.

Why these pension funds?
The EPW assesses the ABP, BPFBouw, BPL (agricultural) pension funds, Retail Pension Fund, Horeca & Catering Pension Fund, Transport Pension Fund, PFZW, PME, PMT and StiPP. These ten funds have the most participants in the Netherlands - altogether representing more than 13 million people!

Learn more about responsible investments, and check out how these pension funds rate.

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