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Broke in Bangladesh

31 Jan 2019

Sweden - Swedish banks are part owners of fashion chains whose clothes are made by workers who cannot live on their full-time salaries. The banks do not use their influence to put pressure on the clothing companies to take greater responsibility...

Still Irresponsible Investments

01 Sep 2018

Sweden - In 2015 Amnesty International published a study within the Fair Finance Guide initiative examining how major Swedish banks act when they invest in companies involved in abuses of human rights. Holdings in the Dow Chemical Company (which...

Human rights in extractives

01 Jun 2018

Netherlands - The extractives sector is a risk sector for involvement in human rights abuses. Companies in this sector should have ongoing due diligence processes in place to prevent, mitigate, and remediate human rights abuses. International...

Financing Occup'annexation

01 May 2018

Belgium - How financial institutions in Belgium are involved in the Israeli settlement industry.  READ THE FULL REPORT

On the Path of Overindebtedness

01 May 2018

Brazil - More than 61 million Brazilians are indebted today, half of which are overindebted. Many of them make new loans to pay off arrears, setting up a snowball of interest rates without prospect of negotiating an exit with financial...

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