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Adjusment of bank charges are much higher than inflation

01 Dec 2017

Brazil - While inflation was 2,7% between November/2016 and November/2017, bank fees have risen 12,6% on average among the 5 biggest banks in Brazil (Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa, Itaú and Santander). The adjustments have affected 81% of...

Banks ombudsman reports are superficial and vague

01 Sep 2017

Brazil - By analyzing ombudsman's reports of the 7 biggest banks in Brazil, the study found that they look like an institutional overview of banks instead of bringing important information regarding the performance and effectiveness of banks...

The environmental and climate change commitments of German banks

01 Jul 2017

Germany - „Alles im grünen Bereich – Umweltschutz auf dem Abstellgleis deutscher Banken?“ illustrates with three specific examples of the extractive and energy industries in how far German banks contribute to environmental damage and exacerbate...

Coal Fired Power Sector

01 Jun 2017

Japan - There are several surveys regarding the specific amount of Japanese private financial institutions’ coal-related investments. However, as the subjects of these surveys are financial institutions’ investment in coal extraction and power...

Deforestation and land grabbing in the palm oil sector

01 May 2017

Netherlands - This case study shows that nine insurance groups active in the Netherlands invested in ten controversial listed palm oil companies over a period of four years, between 2013 and 2016. These palm oil companies have been involved in...

Nordic investments in banks financing Indonesian palm oil

01 May 2017

Sweden and Norway - Banks are vital to the rapidly expanding Indonesian palm oil sector. Most palm oil companies need to borrow money to establish oil palm estates. An investment of at least USD 50 million is needed to convert land/forest into a...

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