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“Lägg om växeln/Change the gear”

04 Nov 2018

Sweden - The seven largest banks in Sweden invest almost twice as much of the savers' money in fossil energy compared to sustainable energy. After the Paris agreement, Nordea and SEB have lent billions to large coal and oil companies. This is...

Still Irresponsible Investments

01 Sep 2018

Sweden - In 2015 Amnesty International published a study within the Fair Finance Guide initiative examining how major Swedish banks act when they invest in companies involved in abuses of human rights. Holdings in the Dow Chemical Company (which...

‘Don’t invest in the bomb’

24 Aug 2018

Belgium - A new report from the Belgian Coalition against Nuclear Weapons with FairFin and Bankwijzer.be shows that BNP Paribas is investing nearly $ 9 billion in nuclear weapon producers. This makes it the largest investor among banks active in...

Human rights in extractives

01 Jun 2018

Netherlands - The extractives sector is a risk sector for involvement in human rights abuses. Companies in this sector should have ongoing due diligence processes in place to prevent, mitigate, and remediate human rights abuses. International...

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